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Shane Elliott
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What I do...

Directing & Production

I have an extensive background in film, TV, and web directing and production.


Site architecting and production. Skillset: Javascript, Flash, ActionScript, PHP, C#, WordPress, Bootstrap, HTML 5, CSS 3

Strategy & Writing

I've authored a book on Flash, written and conceived several campaigns and ads. I have a thorough understanding of social media as a tool for connecting and engaging with customers.


A sample of my work

Lucky Strike - ESPN Ad

Video, Advertising

Derby Dolls LA

Video, Advertising

Microsoft Parents

Video, Strategy, Advertising

PG&E Smart Meter

Video, Strategy, Advertising

Website Design, Programming


Website Design, Programming

My Team

These are the amazing people I work with on most projects

Lisa Rudin


Dennis Hemphill

Creative, Writer

I intentionally keep my informal team small. I gravitate towards people who are smarter than me in certain areas. Lisa and Dennis are wonderful to work with and I try to include them on any creative project I engage in.

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